1.) Has globalization affected the whole country, or just certain areas?

2.) What type of music do you listen to?

3.) What is one of the main differences between your culture and American culture?

4.) What type of dances are known where you are from?


1.) What has changed the most in Iraq due to globalization?

2.) What do people use the most in Iraq for transportation?

3.) Has globalization upset the culture in Iraq?

4.) What type of dances do they have in Iraq?

1.) Is globalization destroying Jordan’s culture? If so, to what extent.

2.) What is it you like most about Jordan?

3.) At what age where you taught a foreign language?

4.) What was your favorite game to play as a child?


This is the fist time I have ever blogged. I like horse back riding, reading, fencing, and classic movies. Also, I detest writing. My favorite food is ice cream, and my favorite animal is a leapord.

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Welcome to the Realm of Writing! This is my fist time blogging. I’m also not the best writer so please leave as many comments as possible. Enjoy!

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